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       In addition to the parish bulletin and the parish website, there are two additional means of communicating all the good works which you, the PRIMARY RESOURCES of our new parish, are accomplishing.  The Twitter account, managed by Ken Lanning, is readily available for our “followers”; simply contact Ken at (215) 485-7906, for information to be communicated via Twitter.  We are  maintaining Comcast Channel 99, the familiar Community News Channel, for communicating parish information; simply e mail Amanda McClain at amcclain@holyfamily.edu.

      “Your Shepherd’s Thoughts”            September 28, 2014

      As I leave for St. Matthew Parish tomorrow, I begin a new chapter in my life as a priest; I love being a priest and need to be in ministry for a long time.  Needless to say, the “long black line” is increasingly short as time moves on.  As I move on, I take this opportunity to thank you for supporting me in shepherding our parish.  While I do, and have done, nothing perfectly, I did the best I could for these 5 plus years.  While unintentional, I apologize for hurting any of you.  I suppose when one loves others, hurt occurs, even unintentionally.  I will heal from the hurts which I have experienced too, thank God. Please welcome and SUPPORT Father David Fernandes, your new pastor, and continue to support Father Rudy, Father Sheehan, and Deacon John.  I thank God for each of them as they have supported me more than they can possibly know.  We all know the parish merger may now feel like “an uphill battle”; there are significant issues, to be sure.  I share a common theme from the September 16 Transition Team meeting, namely the necessity to live our Faith, since true Hope is found in Jesus, the Head of the Church.  To be sure, as this 4th parish of St. Thomas Aquinas is a “gift,” since the original Pastoral Plan called for only 3 parishes, not including St. Thomas Aquinas or St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, each of you has to make it work with all the necessary changes related to a merged parish.  Should you not make it work and embrace your NEW PARISH, I will not be surprised if the parish closes within 2 years.  The “wall” must be broken down; you all must mix with one another.  While cliques are never a help to true community-building, cliques are a death knell to merging parishes.  As a final admonition as your shepherd, may I suggest that you all pray for a softening of hardened hearts and for openness to the working of the Holy Spirit.  God love you all.
      Father Mike
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